DIY “Paper Lace” Decorative Hanging – Simply gorgeous!


Don’t you just love this gorgeous, paper lace, 15 inch, decorative hanging! Miss Party is loving it!! This paper lace hanging is one of her most popular “Pinterest” pins! She can just imagine a beautiful inspiration fabric backdrop and ruffled streamers or big, tissue poms hanging from the ceiling at the corners of the table. […]

“Paper Lace” Inspiration for a luncheon, Tea Party or Shower, Part 2 – MORE lace everywhere!

Fabric and Paper Flowers

This is a continuation of “Paper Lace” Inspiration, Part 1. Choose a pretty, solid tablecloth that will set off the lace doilies to their best advantage. Miss Party chose several shades of pink. Use 14 in. round or 10×14 in. rectangular lace doilies as placemats, as you see below. Use small doily-inspired stickers to embellish […]

“Paper Lace” Inspiration for a Luncheon, Tea Party or Shower, Part 1 – Lace is everywhere!

Paper Lace Tea Party

How many of us have grown up as adults with at least two sizes of paper doilies in our pantry at all times? This doily-inspiration makes for a beautiful, feminine party decor. You could also play off the sweet, classic paper lace with an opposite diamond sparkle – A “Diamonds and Lace” theme would be […]


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