Easter or Springtime Brunch – A planning timetable that will get you hoppin’!

Springtime in New England

Whether family and friends come to your house every year or this is your first year to host Easter brunch, you can pull this together in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, as long as you get yourself organized and stay on track. Miss Party will walk you through it, top to bottom. Brunch is […]

Egg Strata Casserole – A perfect ‘Make-Ahead’ Breakfast and Brunch recipe!

Miss Party Smarty - Egg Strata Casserole

This delicious ‘make-ahead’ Breakfast or Brunch casserole has been a family favorite for over two decades! We can’t do a family Brunch without it! It’s versatile, too, in terms of the meat choice or you can easily omit the meat if preferred. If you need both options, it’s easy to prepare one of each –you’re […]

Easter Bunnies “Peeps” Pops – Some bunny loves you!


Bunny love goes out to you, and you, and you! These ‘quick like a bunny’ Easter Bunnies “Peeps” Pops are hoppin’ off Miss Party’s work table this morning. Make a bunch of bunnies and just like the real ones, they’ll multiply before your very eyes! Marshmallow Bunnies “Peeps” Pops are so ridiculously quick and easy […]

The Mad Hatter’s Easter Brunch – Alice and the Easter Bunny would love an invitation!

Mad Tea Party-Inspired Easter Breakfast

Miss Party wants to suggest you inject a bit of English humor into this year’s Easter Brunch and turn it upside down –have a Mad Hatter’s Easter Brunch! You’ve got to figure the Easter Bunny and the White Rabbit are distant cousins and, of course, the March Hare probably is, too. Whether it’s just for […]

Candy or Marshmallow Garland – Sweet as candy sugar!


This cute project, is more an idea than a tutorial. Miss Party used store-brand ‘Jelly Eggs’, sugared gumdrops, and mini marshmallows (it’s a great way to use stale marshmallows!). The pastel colored mini marshmallows and bunny-shaped pastel marshmallows available this time of year would be extremely cute, too! Jelly beans of various sizes, or any […]

Casual Brunch – One perfect meal! – Part 2, Planning Timetable 101

Path to Mill Brook, Medfield, MA

Miss Party has laid out the planning timetable just as she would if she were doing it for her own little party. The timetable is specifically for the Casual Brunch Menu, Part 1, so if you have changed, deleted or added anything, make your notes right on this list. There are lots of general party […]

Casual Brunch – One perfect meal! – Part 1, The Menu

Path to Mill Brook, Medfield, MA

Brunch is one of Miss Party’s all-time favorite entertaining meals to use when inviting families. It’s a casual relaxed meal, held late enough for Miss Party to get all the kitchen work accomplished beforehand, but with everyone out the door before the youngest guests cross into the witching hour. If you’re inviting elderly guests it’s […]


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