Halloween Themes, Part 2 – More wicked fun!

Miss Party's "Mad Scientist's Laboratory" Halloween Theme

Miss Party thinks a themed Halloween party, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to run out and buy out half the party store. It may mean you’ll edit out some decor that doesn’t make sense or you’ll change the way you put it all together. Many times, real objects with a little spanish moss or cobwebs […]

Halloween Themes, Part 3 – Even MORE wicked fun!

Miss Party's "Arachnophobia" Halloween Party Entrance

This is a continuation of scary, spooky “Halloween Themes, Part 2 – More wicked fun!”. Did you see, “Part 1 – Wicked fun!”? If frightfully spooky Halloween parties aren’t what you’re looking for, move on to “Halloween Themes, Part 4 – Not-so-scary fun!“. If you want to add a scene or two for guests to […]

Halloween Themes, Part 4 – Not-so-scary fun!

Miss Party's Halloween pumpkin

This “Halloween Themes” post stands alone, but is actually a continuation of “Halloween Themes, Part 1, 2 and 3 – Wicked fun!” If you are interested in something more scary than what you see below, there are lots of awesomely spooky themes to be found there. Don’t be afraid to check them out, they won’t […]

‘Wicked Gypsies!’ Halloween Theme – It foretells a grim future for all who attend!

Miss Party Gypsy Themed Halloween Party Invitation

Halloween at Miss Party’s home is anything but typical! There’s a passion for drama in her humble abode and Halloween just seems to satisfy like no other. She only does scary and spooky, never gory or gross. Miss Party has done many, many Halloween themes over the years, but the “Wicked Gypsies!” theme and invitation […]

Grilled Pineapple Mini Skewers – Perfect for summer parties morning, noon or night!

Grilled Pineapple Mini Skewers

Grilled Pineapple Mini Skewers are a perfect, easy hors d’oeuvre offering any time of day, for any age and pretty much for any type of spring or summertime party. Grilled, caramelized pineapple is delightfully sweet and delicious and some of your guests might not have had grilled fruit before, so it’s a tad unusual. Miss […]

“On A Shoestring!” – Miss Party’s 5 tricks to party on a budget!

Fringed Party Streamers

No, “On A Shoestring!” isn’t Miss Party’s latest and greatest party theme; it’s more of a ‘situation’ that families sometimes face – they’ve got more party than budget! Special events don’t care that your finances are on a diet, they come just the same. Well, then, how can you host that special event but not […]

“iSCREAM Dreams!” Theme – A Birthday Party for dreamers and ice creamers!

This “iSCREAM! Dreams” Birthday party theme celebrates all those happy childhood dreams and is all things impossibly possible, topsy-turvy, DREAMY and ICE CREAMY! It’s a perfect birthday theme for any age child that loves ice cream. Miss Party loves it for a Sweet Sixteen party, too! The whimsical side can be played up or down, […]

Candy or Marshmallow Garland – Sweet as candy sugar!


This cute project, is more an idea than a tutorial. Miss Party used store-brand ‘Jelly Eggs’, sugared gumdrops, and mini marshmallows (it’s a great way to use stale marshmallows!). The pastel colored mini marshmallows and bunny-shaped pastel marshmallows available this time of year would be extremely cute, too! Jelly beans of various sizes, or any […]

DIY Paper Bunting – More classic party love!

DIY Paper Pennant Garland

Miss Party is a big fan of the party power of a bunting. They are so adaptable and classic! Is there a theme, style or color scheme they can’t handle? A paper bunting will work hard for you whether you’re doing a vintage or retro decor themed party, a contemporary decor theme, or a whimsical […]

MYO Yogurt Sundae Station – A delicious, healthy Sundae any time of day!

MYO Yogurt Sundae Station

Try this Make-Your-Own Yogurt Sundae Station/Bar at your next Breakfast with guests, Brunch or a Lunch event. You could also think of it as a healthy variation to the typical Ice Cream Sundae and offer it as a mid-afternoon snack or dessert. Set up the station just as you would for an Ice Cream Sundae […]


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