Decorated Clothespin Clips – Bet you can’t make OR use just one!

Miss Party Decorates Clothespin clips

Miss Party has rekindled her love of the classic wooden clothespin invented by a very helpful New Englander in 1853. How can something so practically perfect and useful in the modern history of American daily life be altered to become a lovely, ‘au courant’ party decor accessory? Read on, my dear! Below you’ll find a […]

Behind the Scenes of a Mad Tea Party – Easter Breakfast a la Hatter

Miss Party is going mad for her new ‘Alice in Wonderland’ dishes!! They’re an early gift from the Hatter and the Easter Bunny. They are sooo Miss Party! She is loving on the juice glasses for the crossover use as small flower vases at the upcoming Mad Tea Party! The heavyweight everyday porcelain breakfast dishes […]

DIY Decorated Clips Tutorial – Embellishing your Decorated Clips


This tutorial covers embellishing your ALREADY decorated clothespin clips. If you haven’t yet decorated your clips, please see “DIY Decorated Clips Tutorial”. Due to an impending vintage-style Mad Tea Party, Miss Party’s examples tend towards a vintage-y style, but the clips can definitely be go in a more modern, contemporary, whimsical, or retro direction, if […]


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