“Forever Green”, Part 1 – An eco-party theme with a conscience!

Eco-friendly party goods

“Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.” Words to live by! Miss Party is envisioning a future full of eco-conscious celebrations! It’s getting easier than ever before to reduce each party’s footprint without sacrificing style. Reduce what goes into the trash and our landfills by reusing what you can before you buy more and recycling anything that can be […]

“Forever Green”, Part 2 – BEST, BETTER and WORST eco-party choices!

Eco-party supplies and invitations

It’s said that ‘AWARENESS’ is the first step to making a change, so if an old dog like Miss Party can be taught a few new eco-tricks, take a look at the lists below to see if you can make a few new and improved eco-party choices too. This post is the continuation of “Forever […]


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