DIY Guest of Honor Memory Board – A quick and easy way to display pictures!

Bright and beautiful graduation party

Lots of parties honor a particular guest –grad parties, birthday parties, engagement and baby showers or retirement parties. A ‘through-the-years’ homage to the guest of honor is always a nice and thoughtful touch. If you have access to lots of good pictures showcasing the guest of honor, make a low-tech, montage memory board and/or table […]

DIY ‘Tree’ – One tree, but so many lovely possibilities!

Good Wishes Tree with Decorated Clips

For a milestone celebration, make a “Good Wishes Tree”. Miss Party thinks it is a lovely thing to give guests an opportunity to pass on their valuable thoughts, advice and good wishes to the guest(s) of honor. It gives the guest a moment to reflect and connect with the beloved guest(s) of honor on a […]


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