‘Sleepy Hollow Tavern’ Halloween Theme – A foreboding gathering of spirits!

Miss Party's 'Sleepy Hollow Tavern'

‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow‘, by Washington Irving, was the perfect Halloween theme to work with for a festively spooky, but somewhat low-key, teen party! The tale gave lots of opportunity for frightfully creative decor ideas for a gathering held on a cold and crisp New England night. As you’ll see, the imagination took over […]

Behind the Scenes of a Spooky Halloween Gathering!

Miss Party's 'Sleepy Hollow Tavern' Halloween Party

Miss Party is so excited to share the spooky images of a recent gathering of spirits who walked among the living this past weekend at the ‘Sleepy Hollow Tavern’! She’s working on an expanded theme post but she wanted to get a few great pics out for you to feast upon. The weather was perfect […]

Behind the Scenes of a Halloween party!

Miss Party's "Sleepy Hollow Tavern" Halloween party invitation

Miss Party wants to give you a sneak peek at a fabulous handmade party invitation for this year’s very spooky, teen Halloween gathering! She’s pretty pleased with the results and will have a quick tutorial on how she put them together just in case you’re looking for an idea or two you can apply to […]

Halloween Themes, Part 1 – Wicked fun!

Miss Party's Halloween candles

When you have an annual event like a Halloween party, it’s easy to get in a rut, pulling the same stuff out year after year!! However, it keeps it fresh for everyone, including guests, if you change things up a little (or a lot). Yes, Halloween can be a theme unto itself, and can bring […]

Halloween Themes, Part 2 – More wicked fun!

Miss Party's "Mad Scientist's Laboratory" Halloween Theme

Miss Party thinks a themed Halloween party, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to run out and buy out half the party store. It may mean you’ll edit out some decor that doesn’t make sense or you’ll change the way you put it all together. Many times, real objects with a little spanish moss or cobwebs […]


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