DIY Easy Autumn Fruit and Vegetable Place Card Holders – They’re a natural choice for the job!

Fruit Place Card Holders

There are so many beautiful, fall fruits and vegetables! You might have a pretty bowlful of apples, pears or mini gourds in your home right now. There are apples of all colors and sizes (ex: tiny Lady apples); pears; Clementine mandarin oranges; miniature, decorative gourds (including the ones that look like adorable, little pumpkins); and […]

MYO Tabletop Natural Wood Risers – Tree Slices are au naturel!

Tree slice risers for party decor

If you’re looking for a natural touch for your food or beverage tables, think about using wood tree slice risers! They are rustic, beautiful and versatile! You may have occasionally admired them in stylized party photos but didn’t know how to acquire them for your own fete. Miss Party would have loved them at her […]


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