MYO Yogurt Sundaes – Perfect for breakfast with guests!


Need an easy, no cook, idea for a breakfast with visitors? Set up a make-your-own yogurt sundae ‘bar’. Everyone can customize their own sundaes to suit their taste. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, though putting all the toppings in bowls is much nicer than leaving them in their original store containers. Start with several […]

MYO Seasonal Berry Breakfast Trifles – Delicious and healthy!

These MYO Seasonal Berry Breakfast Trifles are fresh and beautiful; heart friendly; easy for guests to assemble (instead of you!) to their liking; and they’re delicious! They score high on the Miss Party Recipe Test for an excellent breakfast or brunch entertaining idea. As you will see, Miss Party is imitating the traditional dessert Trifle. […]

MYO Yogurt Sundae Station – A delicious, healthy Sundae any time of day!

MYO Yogurt Sundae Station

Try this Make-Your-Own Yogurt Sundae Station/Bar at your next Breakfast with guests, Brunch or a Lunch event. You could also think of it as a healthy variation to the typical Ice Cream Sundae and offer it as a mid-afternoon snack or dessert. Set up the station just as you would for an Ice Cream Sundae […]


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